Cotswolds Spa Weekend: Barnsley House

Barnsley House

Located at the beautiful Cotswolds, Barnsley House is a beautiful Victorian Building surrounded by green in the countryside. Landscaped green gardens and the beautiful lounge rooms made me fall in love with the place at the first sight.

Sometimes we work too hard, become too tired and we all need to get away for the weekend. When I am super stressed I always find the countryside relaxing, calm and quiet, and spa treatments healing. Working as a full time influencer for years is different to a 9-5 job, because you don’t really have free time. I love what I do and I would love to keep doing it for many more years, but sometimes I feel like my work and life balance is unequal and I work way too much in a short time. Sometimes all we need is a weekend getaway.


Barnsley House has many unique beautiful rooms, within beautiful gardens that makes you feel like you live on the countryside. Waking up to the green scenery and the songs of birds around, it instantly made me feel relaxed and comfortable in the beautiful surroundings. It was a mixture of traditional country charm and comfort with modern and scandinavian interior design and beautiful architecture.

My personal favourite was the spa and the lounge room before the spa. It was cold, rain and thunder outside and I felt so peaceful in that room surrounded by the glass walls. It felt very “hygge” in Barnsley House, which is the Danish word for cosy. I love the Scandinavian design culture because it is beautiful, clean and simplistic yet gives you that cosy homey feeling with blankets around a fireplace, or a hot cup of tea in a cold rainy day. It was theraputic. I opted for an aromatheraphy treatment for my shoulder that’s been aching since 3 weeks now. I felt much lighter and less stressed afterwards when I was holding a cup of mint tea in the lounge room.


Either you’re looking for a romantic spa getaway for 2 people or a family weekend away, Barnsley House is now amongst my favourite Cotswolds Hotels. Barnsley House Hotel:

Hope you enjoy a visit as much as I did!

Lots of love,