Calcot Manor: Spa Getaway


Calcot Spa

The Ultimate Spa Getaway

London Fashion Week 2019 was incredible, but we shouldn’t forget how tiring it could be. There were times were my first meal of the day was at 9PM. It becomes very tiring to run around between clashing shows, while it’s an amazing experience as always, it could become exhausting as well. So we booked a relaxing spa trip afterwards in the Calcot Spa Hotel.

Post Fashion Week Glow

As soon as we entered, it was one of the most relaxing places I’ve ever seen, and the most peaceful I’ve ever felt. It is in the large and green area of Cotswalds, and feels like a large, very large secret garden. We took long walks in the surrounding park, and enjoyed a beautiful spa experience both indoors and outdoors, followed by my newly found love: Elemis Spa at the Calcot.


Cosy Rooms

Our room Cambridge felt like we were in a movie set from Robin Hood, the entrance was private and surrounded by a perfect little secret garden. The room was cosy with flowers and tea, and comfortable furnishings. After our visits I was telling all my friends that is how I wanted to furnish my room, as the energy - Chi - in the room was so positive that you slept like a baby and woke up with the post-spa glow. After running around in LFW and going to 8 shows in one day (that crazy Saturday), it was the first decent sleep I got. My favourite little corner to spend time in was the conservatory restaurant, which is a spacious conservatory, decorated in pastel colours and surrounded by beautiful flowers. The food was spectacular as well!

Calcot Manor was the ultimate spa getaway for people who want to get away from the busy city life for a lovely weekend. I am ready for Paris Fashion Week now!

If you would like to check out the gorgeous spa hotel an hour and half away from London, click here.

With love,