Vienna: A Winter's Tale

4 Days In Vienna: A Magical Winter's Tale


The Vienna Opera

Staatsoper, the famous Opera in Vienna. If you ever visit Vienna, absolutely visit the Opera because it is a masterpiece on it's own. The atmosphere, the stage and the musical ambiance of the place is magical. We were lucky enough to watch Johann Strauss' romantic comedy opera: Arabella. It was one of the best operas I have ever seen, absolutely recommended. 

The Christmas Market

Me and my travel buddy Irem were in Vienna just around Christmas time, and the city was full of life and lights! Christmas markets were everywhere and they were perfect to buy cute gifts for our friends and families. Our favourite was the Christmas Market outside the Schonnbrunn Castle of Princess Sissi. In this photo I am holding the classic nutcracker I bought as a gift for my mother and it makes me smile like a child!



Cafe Central

Cafe Central is one of Vienna's oldest and most traditional heritage cafes. Sigmund Freud, Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler once were amongst the cafe's famous customers. It is both a historical, and a very local restaurant. The menu is incredible, our favourites were the brunch menu and of course the schnitzel haha!


Albertina Museum

Albertina Museum is perfectly located in the city center, and we went to visit the Italian painter Rafael's exhibition. It was incredible and unmissable, and a lot of pieces were brought to the museum from Vatican in Rome. This painting was my favourite especially. I absolutely recommend a visit as it is not a massive, but a very valuable museum providing a cultured visit.