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Tenerife Vacation

Have you ever visited Tenerife? I’ve never known that a city could be so beautiful, and a place could be so peaceful. We visited the Royal Hideaway Corales Beach Hotel over last weekend, and it was a holiday to remember for a lifetime. Welcome to Paradise. We came with a direct plane ride from London Gatwick Airport, which was 4.5 hours. I thought Tenerife was a Spanish Island (it is), and in my head it should be a short 2 hour flight. Did you know it is at the same geographical area as Africa? Which explained the incredible weather in the middle of October! It was so hot that we actually tanned for 3 days, and my nose is still red from the sun haha! When I came back to England, it was around 5 degrees and the weather change was a big shock as well. Tenerife made us feel like it’s summer again!

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World Class Cuisine

The food was spectacular, Royal Hideaway’s chefs come from Michelin Star Restaurants and they prepare fresh and absolutely delicious food infront of the guests! We had a different specific cuisine every night, I am now back to London and still craving the incredible food from the luxurious kitchen. We ate so much in 3 days that we were in a food coma in the entire next week! From starter to desert, Royal Hideaway Corales Beach Hotel’s cuisine deserves 10/10.

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Spectacular Views

Have you ever thought of what paradise looks like? Recently I’ve been thinking that it looks like the rooftop pool view from the hotel. We just sat by the sunset and kept looking at the endless beautiful sky, and how many colours it could combine to create such a beautiful colour palette. I think if some artists have been in Tenerife before, they would draw spectacular view photos. After a long month of hard work this is the vacation we deserve, as I felt a long weekend there literally calmed my body and soul, Tenerife is a far but heavenly corner of the world, and I can’t wait to visit again.

I absolutely recommend a beautiful weekend getaway, you can find more information here: https://www.barcelo.com/en-us/royal-hideaway/hotels/spain/canary-islands/tenerife/royal-hideaway-corales-beach/

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