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A Cosy Friday Night Dining

For a cosy Friday Night dining, Momo’s in Heddon Street was the perfect choice. Conveniently located on Heddon Street, just near Oxford Street, me and my partner Rayer decided to go for a lovely dinner. Recently we have been working a lot and soon we are moving houses as many of you know – a lot of packing to do! We needed a date night to enjoy ourselves. Between 1-31 October (my birthday month!), London Restaurant Festival is going on, which means we could book some of the best restaurants in London including Michelin starred ones for a great value!  We researched online to see several restaurant menus, and  found the delicious set menus of Momo’s Restaurant during London Restaurant Festival (and of course I ate so much delicious food – I’m in a food coma next day!)

Momo’s Restaurant is originally from North Africa and has a delicious mix of both North African and Mediterranean cuisines. I’ve been a big fan of their food, and especially the fresh mint tea they serve at the end of the dinner – it’s bottomless! The restaurant’s decoration is very exotic and elegant, and the staff is so lively, they were singing and dancing while bringing a cake for one of the customer’s birthday.  I loved the ambiance!

Exterior of Momo’s Restaurant

Exterior of Momo’s Restaurant

Beautiful Interiors of the Restaurant

Beautiful Interiors of the Restaurant

Menu and Food Quality

We were amazed by how rich and delicious the food offered on the menu was. During the London Restaurant Festival, you can choose from the 2 or 3 course set menus, for the good value price of 33 or 39 Pounds. Of course me and Rayer went for the 3 course including a starter, main and desert. It’s been a challenging choice as everything on the menu was delightful, and I wanted to try everything as I could see the tables next to us ordered several dishes, and the food looked and smelled incredible! I was between the sea bream and the couscous with lamb, but it looked so incredible on our neighbor table, I knew that was the dish I wanted to go for. After consideration, we decided to choose the dishes below: 

Starter: Quail Pastilla

Crispy pastry with chicken, cinnamon, muscat grapes

Main: Momo Couscous

Chicken kofta, lamb chop, merguez

Dessert: Pastries

Traditional Maghrebine Pastries

Starter:    Quail Pastilla

Starter: Quail Pastilla

Main:    Momo Couscous

Main: Momo Couscous

Dessert:    Maghrebine Pastries

Dessert: Maghrebine Pastries

 London Restaurant Festival has some incredible set menu deals ladies and gentleman, I would recommend having a look on the website to find your perfect restaurant and dinner date: and you can book my favourite, Momo Restaurant here: 


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Nurce x

Nurce Erben