Fashionably Summery


I’m Nurce from London Fashion Story since 2014, founder and editor of the fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog. Previously working with brands such as Ralph Lauren, Guerlain, Jimmy Choo, Tag Heuer and Karen Millen, my blog has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Harpers Bazaar, Daily Mail and Evening Standard previously. Following the success of my blog and focusing on seasonal trends, I’ve launched my own brand Elementa Jewellery last month about sustainable and ethical high quality seashells. I love fashion and I’ve always been passionate about both stylish, elegant and comfortable outfits, which is why I find that Laura Ashley is one of the best brands to find a fashionably summery outfit this summer. 


Summer 2019 has a very unique weather code, everyday us Londoners face either a very sunny tanning weather or tropical rain, wind and thunderstorms. When we wake up and look outside our windows, we never know what the weather will be like in summer 2019! Which raises the question, what to wear for every occasion to look fashionable everyday while being practical about the constantly changing weather?


Let’s have a look at the seasonal trends from the largest designers of the fashion world: while in clothing we see a lot of midi dresses, darker colours, colourful suits and vintage vibes, in accessories we see popularity in shells, headbands and white trainers. I myself always opt for a fashionable but most importantly comfortable midi dress with a headband to create an effortless and elegant look, when I’m going for meetings and work, as well as events and social gatherings. 

In my outfit here, I am wearing the Osterely House Collection from Laura Ashley’s Summer Collection. The dark blue dress I’m wearing is so comfortable that I’ve been wearing it none stop lately, and has a vintage feel about it which is very trendy at the moment. When the weather gets a little chilly (it is 15 degrees windy outside even though it’s the middle of August), I always take a light jacket with me such as the floral kimono jacket I’m wearing here. 


Lots of love,