How to Stay Healthy on Fashion Week

Nurce Erben

Good morning lovelies!

London and Paris Fashion Weeks are finally over, what a blast! While both were incredibly beautiful, fashionable and unforgettable. My full fashion week blog piece is coming up very soon, I’ve been running around lately so the fashion week pieces were delayed for a week, apologies. I can happily say that I finally found my dream home, and hopefully we’ll be moving there in a week! It is quite tough to run around between shows and presentations and also maintain a balanced diet during fashion weeks, I found a way to manage.

There are two routes you can go down:

  1. Croissant, croissant, croissant!

    • The route most of us go down to - including me

    • Starving for hours - while running between shows and events

    • Eating quick but unhealthy meals overall to overcome hunger

    • Gaining weight at the end of the fashion month due to all the unhealthy nibbles!

  2. Healthy meals and shakes

    • The healthiest - and the toughest route!

    • Preparing healthy shakes and quick snacks

    • Remembering to eat even if you’re on the go all day

    • Actually the more delicious way!

    • Recommendation: So Shape Paris

So Shape

So Shape Paris

I met So Shape when I was looking for a quick solution to eat/drink during the fashion month! I’ve previously experienced Fashion Weeks in which a lot of us were starving for hours and didn’t have time to eat proper meals as we were constantly running around between presentations and fashion shows. So Shape’s ready meal replacement products and healthy shakes are a good plan when it comes to eating/drinking on the go! They’ve got 24 flavours to choose from, and I love a lot of them - my favourites were the chocolate and vanilla of course. Along with shakes, I really liked their smart mug cakes and smart muffins on the go, how cute is that! It is very practical to prepare and delicious to consume, and for people with a sweet tooth like me who are obsessed with chocolate, it is a delicious meal replacement. I am very happy that I discovered So Shape, and I’ll keep using them for a balanced diet.

Ps. You can use the discount code NURCCUSTOM to get double flavour amounts on any 14 or 28 day challenges!

If you would like to try, you can find read more about So Shape here.

Lots of Love,