London Fashion Week 2019 - Favourite Looks

My favourite looks from February 2019 London Fashion Week are here!


Nurce Erben
Nurce  Erben


Nurce Erben





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Magical Skincare This Christmas - Nurce Erben

It’s the Jolly Season! 

Who is excited for Christmas? I am so excited, and we already prepared the Christmas tree with all the presents for friends and family under it! Here is a sneak peak of our cute festive tree:


It’s the magical Christmas season – and a lot of parties on the way! It’s super important to try to keep a balanced diet during the season as too much partying can dry the skin and cause breakouts – as an absolute tea lover I always try to drink a lot of green tea and water, while enjoying a lot of feasts and Christmas parties leading up to the end of the year.

Along with keeping hydrated – skincare plays a much more important role than we think, I would say it’s 50% nutrition and hydration, and 50% skincare! As many of you know, it’s no secret that Bioderma is one of my favourite skincare brands that I use on a daily basis since many years, and I would never recommend a product that I don’t use myself and haven’t seen the results througout the years. Espcially my favourite make-up remover and moisturiser in the whole planet! 

Here are some practical tips on my skincare routine for a glowing and healthy skin this Christmas: 

My Everyday Favourite: Sensibio:

To Remove Make-Up and Reduce Dark Circles


Bioderma’s Sensibio collection is my absolute everyday favourite. Here are a few of my favourite products:

I use the Sensibio makeup removing micelle solutionevery single day since many years, to remove my makeup after a long day of work, travel or photoshoots. I tried many brands and eventually found that the ingredients in the Sensibio makeup remover are so clean, it always removes the strongest makeup and leaves a fresh face. I travel a lot for work and press trips as well, and a compact and portable version of my favourite could be alternatively found here: Micelle solution makeup removing wipes.

A product that I use every evening before bed is the Sensibio Eye gel, and I would never leave the house without it when I’m travelling! It’s soothing the dark circles under the eyes on holiday season as we tend to stay up late and party! The Sensibio Eye Gel helps to depuff the eyes and reduce dark circles during this busy month.  


Bioderma Sensibio H2O – Everyday Favourites


Winter Fabourites: Hydrabio

To Remove Make-Up and Nourish the Skin

In winter months, our skin is so much more dry and susceptible to the effects of cold and breakouts. It’s important to use the right products which doesn’t dry out the skin further, but nourishes it in the cold winter months. I like to use the Bioderma Hydrabio H2O make-up remover alternative to the Sensibio, as it’s more hydrating and moisturising. Bioderma is also launching a new favourite product, Hydrabio H2O with the reverse pump in January, can’t wait for the launch which makes the product so practical! 

I also love the Atoderm Shower Gel which is ultra moisturising for the body. I like to mix and match my favourite products from different Bioderma collections in the winter season, to fully moisturise, my face and body. You can find it here: Atoderm Shower Gel


Bioderma Hydrabio H2O and Atoderm – Winter Favourites


Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year darlings, and my Christmas vlog will be up very soon!

Lots of love ,


Tenerife: Royal Hideaway Corales Beach - Nurce Erben

Tenerife Vacation

Have you ever visited Tenerife? I’ve never known that a city could be so beautiful, and a place could be so peaceful. We visited the Royal Hideaway Corales Beach Hotel over last weekend, and it was a holiday to remember for a lifetime. Welcome to Paradise. We came with a direct plane ride from London Gatwick Airport, which was 4.5 hours. I thought Tenerife was a Spanish Island (it is), and in my head it should be a short 2 hour flight. Did you know it is at the same geographical area as Africa? Which explained the incredible weather in the middle of October! It was so hot that we actually tanned for 3 days, and my nose is still red from the sun haha! When I came back to England, it was around 5 degrees and the weather change was a big shock as well. Tenerife made us feel like it’s summer again!

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-01 at 13.47.00.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2018-11-01 at 13.47.00-2.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2018-11-01 at 13.47.00-9.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2018-11-01 at 13.47.00-8.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2018-11-01 at 13.47.00-17.jpeg

World Class Cuisine

The food was spectacular, Royal Hideaway’s chefs come from Michelin Star Restaurants and they prepare fresh and absolutely delicious food infront of the guests! We had a different specific cuisine every night, I am now back to London and still craving the incredible food from the luxurious kitchen. We ate so much in 3 days that we were in a food coma in the entire next week! From starter to desert, Royal Hideaway Corales Beach Hotel’s cuisine deserves 10/10.

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-01 at 13.47.00-18.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2018-11-01 at 13.47.00-5.jpeg

Spectacular Views

Have you ever thought of what paradise looks like? Recently I’ve been thinking that it looks like the rooftop pool view from the hotel. We just sat by the sunset and kept looking at the endless beautiful sky, and how many colours it could combine to create such a beautiful colour palette. I think if some artists have been in Tenerife before, they would draw spectacular view photos. After a long month of hard work this is the vacation we deserve, as I felt a long weekend there literally calmed my body and soul, Tenerife is a far but heavenly corner of the world, and I can’t wait to visit again.

I absolutely recommend a beautiful weekend getaway, you can find more information here:

Lots of love,



WhatsApp Image 2018-11-01 at 13.47.00-6.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2018-11-01 at 13.47.00-19.jpeg

London Fashion Week - Preparations - Nurce Erben

Nurce Erben
Nurce Erben

London Fashion Week: September 2018

Hello hello!

This September, this is the most talked about event in town!

I will be sharing my London Fashion Week journey with you, ups and downs, incredible to horrible shows and all that jazz! I will also be featuring some of my favourite shows and outfits. Ps. If you swipe left on some of my Instagram posts during Fashion Week, you could find a little surprise prepared for you: I hid some of my favourite shows behind my most recent photos. Those of you who has been with me since the beginning of this journey, you know I am very, very picky when it comes to hair and make up and I only trust the most professional businesses in their own field. I will start by telling you about how I started preparing for fashion week, and how I did my hair, makeup and pampering routine. Enjoy darlings!

Jo Malone: Pampering Session

Jo Malone: Pampering Session

Charlotte Tilbury: Make-Up Session

Charlotte Tilbury: Make-Up Session

Grace Nails: Colour Selection

Grace Nails: Colour Selection

Beginnings: Preparation Routine:

  1. Hair Styling

    • Where: Rush Hair (Strand, London)

    • Rush has always been a trusted hairdresser since 1 year

    • I went for a natural blowdry with volume

    • My hair stayed amazing for 2-3 days!

  2. Make-Up Session

    • Where: Charlotte Tilbury (Selfridges, London)

    • Who: Incredible professional make-up artists

    • Natural, but bold look with the new limited edition Bar of Gold Palette

    • Lipstick: My favourite natural lipstick and pencil ever: Pillow Talk

  3. Nail Care and Hot Chocolate

    • Where: Grace Nails (Leicester Square, London)

    • How: OPI manicure with long-lasting gel nails

    • Which colour: Medium-Dark Red

    • We had hot chocolate and a pampering session with my best friend

    • Such a beautiful location and ambience

  4. Pampering Session

    • Where: Jo Malone (Covent Garden, London)

    • How: Hand massage and trying the new fragrance

    • Honeysuckle and Davana smells and feels amazing on the skin

    • Spending time with the team and mixing different fragrances

2 Days Before Fashion Week: Fittings


  • I went to visit some of my favourite agencies and brands for fittings right before fashion week

  • These could be brand’s own clothes for bloggers/models/celebrities to wear during shows

  • It could also be your own style and taste for street style photography (street style is big in London!)

  • Here are some of my favourite fittings: with brands such as Karen Millen and Debenhams.

  • Karen Millen: I loved the new Atelier Collection, and immediately fell in love with this dark green glimmery dress.

  • Debenhams: For the Stories of Arabia show, I wore the beautiful long glamorous dress which made me feel like a princess!

Debenhams Studio: Fittings

Debenhams Studio: Fittings

Karen Millen: Atelier Collection Outfit (Credit: Getty Images)

Karen Millen: Atelier Collection Outfit (Credit: Getty Images)

Hope you liked my get ready with me for London Fashion Week blog!

Lots of love,



How to Stay Healthy on Fashion Week

Nurce Erben

Good morning lovelies!

London and Paris Fashion Weeks are finally over, what a blast! While both were incredibly beautiful, fashionable and unforgettable. My full fashion week blog piece is coming up very soon, I’ve been running around lately so the fashion week pieces were delayed for a week, apologies. I can happily say that I finally found my dream home, and hopefully we’ll be moving there in a week! It is quite tough to run around between shows and presentations and also maintain a balanced diet during fashion weeks, I found a way to manage.

There are two routes you can go down:

  1. Croissant, croissant, croissant!

    • The route most of us go down to - including me

    • Starving for hours - while running between shows and events

    • Eating quick but unhealthy meals overall to overcome hunger

    • Gaining weight at the end of the fashion month due to all the unhealthy nibbles!

  2. Healthy meals and shakes

    • The healthiest - and the toughest route!

    • Preparing healthy shakes and quick snacks

    • Remembering to eat even if you’re on the go all day

    • Actually the more delicious way!

    • Recommendation: So Shape Paris

So Shape

So Shape Paris

I met So Shape when I was looking for a quick solution to eat/drink during the fashion month! I’ve previously experienced Fashion Weeks in which a lot of us were starving for hours and didn’t have time to eat proper meals as we were constantly running around between presentations and fashion shows. So Shape’s ready meal replacement products and healthy shakes are a good plan when it comes to eating/drinking on the go! They’ve got 24 flavours to choose from, and I love a lot of them - my favourites were the chocolate and vanilla of course. Along with shakes, I really liked their smart mug cakes and smart muffins on the go, how cute is that! It is very practical to prepare and delicious to consume, and for people with a sweet tooth like me who are obsessed with chocolate, it is a delicious meal replacement. I am very happy that I discovered So Shape, and I’ll keep using them for a balanced diet.

Ps. You can use the discount code NURCCUSTOM to get double flavour amounts on any 14 or 28 day challenges!

If you would like to try, you can find read more about So Shape here.

Lots of Love,



Calcot Manor: Spa Getaway


Calcot Spa

The Ultimate Spa Getaway

London Fashion Week 2019 was incredible, but we shouldn’t forget how tiring it could be. There were times were my first meal of the day was at 9PM. It becomes very tiring to run around between clashing shows, while it’s an amazing experience as always, it could become exhausting as well. So we booked a relaxing spa trip afterwards in the Calcot Spa Hotel.

Post Fashion Week Glow

As soon as we entered, it was one of the most relaxing places I’ve ever seen, and the most peaceful I’ve ever felt. It is in the large and green area of Cotswalds, and feels like a large, very large secret garden. We took long walks in the surrounding park, and enjoyed a beautiful spa experience both indoors and outdoors, followed by my newly found love: Elemis Spa at the Calcot.


Cosy Rooms

Our room Cambridge felt like we were in a movie set from Robin Hood, the entrance was private and surrounded by a perfect little secret garden. The room was cosy with flowers and tea, and comfortable furnishings. After our visits I was telling all my friends that is how I wanted to furnish my room, as the energy - Chi - in the room was so positive that you slept like a baby and woke up with the post-spa glow. After running around in LFW and going to 8 shows in one day (that crazy Saturday), it was the first decent sleep I got. My favourite little corner to spend time in was the conservatory restaurant, which is a spacious conservatory, decorated in pastel colours and surrounded by beautiful flowers. The food was spectacular as well!

Calcot Manor was the ultimate spa getaway for people who want to get away from the busy city life for a lovely weekend. I am ready for Paris Fashion Week now!

If you would like to check out the gorgeous spa hotel an hour and half away from London, click here.

With love,



Summer Beauty Essentials 2018 - Nurce Erben

Salvatore Ferragamo


My recent discovery: this magical shampoo directly from Amazonian rainforests. I've been using Kiehl's for many many years, and recently discovered Rahua. The owner saw the long and healthy hair of Native Americans and asked them their secret: found the magical Rahua beans that give your hair the healthy glow and shine. I couldn't believe it, had to try for myself. Been in love ever since with my healthy and glowing hair with no alcohol, sulphate or parabens, only organic ingredients ethically sourced from small villages. Rahua, you are the shampoo of the season, and perhaps a life time. I will share the results of longer term use with yourselves in the future, stay tuned! 


I met Bioderma's Sensible H20 Micellar Water years ago, and have been using it ever since. I only recently discovered the sensible eye cream, and it has become my skin's knight in shining armour ever since. As a blogger I work a lot across a computer which gives me a lot of dark circles, and Bioderma's Sensibio Eye Contour Gel completely changed the game. I use it before sleep every two days and in the morning I wake up like a baby with no dark circles. It is the winner of the hearts this season.



Did you ever think: I wish I had the perfect natural lip colour that made my lips look bigger, better and shinier? Look no further, and meet my favourite lip colour of all times: Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow Talk. Lip Cheat Tip:  Use it with the same colour lip liner which instantly makes your lips look bolder and naturally beautiful. Let's begin the pillow talks!



Te Amo means I love you, in Italian. We all know İtalians are the people of love, French too of course. The classic and elegant brand Ferragamo's new perfume Amo has one of the prettiest bottles of Summer 2018. It has a fresh, sweet and flowery scent and I used it the whole summer, recommended to people who likes to smell like fresh roses and sweet Italian flowers. 



3INA brings out all the summer colours, they are creative and they have no fear when it comes to being colourful! I am a very classic person, but I need to admit that 3INA's nailpolishes has been regularly used this summer, you could spot them in some of the photos. I am very picky about nailpolishes as I used Chanel for many years and it wasn't staying for longer than 2 days, so I started looking for alternatives. I can confidently recommend 3INA's colours and quality.

I hope you'll enjoy the best products that I selected and loved in Summer 2018! 

Lots of love,



Travel Bags in Tuscany

Everyone stopped and looked at us when taking this photo, they said it was super cool!

Everyone stopped and looked at us when taking this photo, they said it was super cool!

Here is a photo of him looking super cool with the American Tourister luggage. How does he always look so cool?

Here is a photo of him looking super cool with the American Tourister luggage. How does he always look so cool?

My Luggage Choice

As you guys know, I finally went on holiday to Tuscany for a couple of days with my boyfriend Rayer, it's been so long since my injury and everything going on so I was so ready for a holiday. We stayed in the beautiful Tuscany and we loved it so much we extended it to 5 days. I knew this was going to happen so I packed a lot of clothes to make sure I can take all the best photos and I needed a safe, comfortable and flexible travel companion for this mission. After trying many luggage brands in the past (trust me ladies, it's not easy to find the right travel companion!) I decided American Tourister's Soundbox range was amongst my favourites, after all who wouldn’t want to use Ronaldo’s luggage? I saw his advert where he is on top of a luggage going through the security check and I thought it was hilarious, so decided to try the ideal medium size (77cm) American Tourister myself. 


The colour choice was refreshing as most of my luggages are darker or lighter colours as I am a very classic person. But this time I decided to go bigger and bolder, and I was very happy with the decision. As I shopped more and more I needed the extra space, and instead of buying another luggage as I usually had to do, this luggage can actually extend with extra zipper pockets which I thought was very comfortable for a shopping lover as myself! I had about 20 outfits in (oops haha!) and still had space for all my shopping, shoes, accessories and so much more! Obviously my boyfriend (being a boy) took a much smaller luggage and then regretted it. He then tried to steal mine haha! Boys!! Have a look at his photo below looking super cute with the colorful luggage.



I love it when a bag has a soul, compact, fashionable, elegant and timeless, but also comfortable with it's super soft leather and flexible, not a harsh leather as many of the high street bags may have. I was quite happy with the overall look and comfort of my new Lipault bag. Also - it might look small but don't be fooled, this beauty fits in my phone, sunglasses, keys, wallet, accessories and even more. I was surprised to see so much space - and very pleased with what I saw. I have a lot of designer handbags which barely fit most of my belongings, and Lipault was very spacious even though it is a shoulder bag and is very cute and compact. As most of you know tea time is my favourite time, and my bag was by my side everyday when I went for the elegant and classy tea room of our Villa in Tuscany as portrayed in the photo above. You can also check my Instagram page for the upcoming photos on how I styled my Lipault bag with various different outfits, coming soon ladies and gentleman!

Breakfast time is my favourite time of the day. Can never start my day without a lovely cup of coffee! And A LOT of honey!

Breakfast time is my favourite time of the day. Can never start my day without a lovely cup of coffee! And A LOT of honey!

My Handbag Choice

I am quite selective when it comes to my handbag selection, as I have a handbag wardrobe and I would never buy or add something to it to make it busy just because I think handbags and girls have a special collection. You either love them or you don't - I don't think there is a middle where you think "uhm, maybe, I might wear this once in this occasion..." That's just me. When I saw this gorgeous Plume Elegance bag from Lipault I knew it was a beautiful addition to my wardrobe. 

I took my Lipault bag to many locations with me as I loved it so much. Look at how cute and elegant it looks in photos as well!

I took my Lipault bag to many locations with me as I loved it so much. Look at how cute and elegant it looks in photos as well!

New posts from my Tuscany holiday coming soon!

Lots of Love,

London Fashion Story


Vienna: A Winter's Tale

4 Days In Vienna: A Magical Winter's Tale


The Vienna Opera

Staatsoper, the famous Opera in Vienna. If you ever visit Vienna, absolutely visit the Opera because it is a masterpiece on it's own. The atmosphere, the stage and the musical ambiance of the place is magical. We were lucky enough to watch Johann Strauss' romantic comedy opera: Arabella. It was one of the best operas I have ever seen, absolutely recommended. 

The Christmas Market

Me and my travel buddy Irem were in Vienna just around Christmas time, and the city was full of life and lights! Christmas markets were everywhere and they were perfect to buy cute gifts for our friends and families. Our favourite was the Christmas Market outside the Schonnbrunn Castle of Princess Sissi. In this photo I am holding the classic nutcracker I bought as a gift for my mother and it makes me smile like a child!



Cafe Central

Cafe Central is one of Vienna's oldest and most traditional heritage cafes. Sigmund Freud, Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler once were amongst the cafe's famous customers. It is both a historical, and a very local restaurant. The menu is incredible, our favourites were the brunch menu and of course the schnitzel haha!


Albertina Museum

Albertina Museum is perfectly located in the city center, and we went to visit the Italian painter Rafael's exhibition. It was incredible and unmissable, and a lot of pieces were brought to the museum from Vatican in Rome. This painting was my favourite especially. I absolutely recommend a visit as it is not a massive, but a very valuable museum providing a cultured visit. 




Laura Ashley: Summer Campaign - Nurce Erben

Are you looking to change things up a little when it comes to your summer wardrobe?


We have got the perfect person to help you. Meet the lovely Nurce from the London Fashion Story. I am Nurce, creator and editor of the London Fashion Story blog on Instagram, YouTube and my blog website. I am a self-confessed tea and travel addict, with a lifestyle rooted deeply in elegance and classic fashion. Tea time is essential for me, and my friends and I often go out to elegant tea time locations. This requires us to dress nicely, also comfortably.

Karen Millen: Workwear Campaign - Nurce Erben

Nurce Erben: Student, Businesswoman and self-confessed travel addict. 


Nurce Erben, Lovely Amusan and The Stylum joined Karen Millen in a special campaign to promote Karen Millen's new collection clothes. The campaign featured three styles: workwear, denimwear and prints. Three ladies, three styles, three outfits. Workwear attitude: “I’d wear this elegant pencil dress to meetings to make me feel confident, and like, me". You can access the campaign from the link below to read more.