Best Perfumes of 2019

What do you consider when choosing a perfume? There are thousands of scents in the market, created with unique combinations that remind us of our dearly held memories, childhood, our first kiss, hate and enemies, friendship, family, and love. For me, trying different scents of years I’ve selected the best perfumes of 2019 that is worth trying this summer. From well known brands to niche exclusives, here is the top perfumes list:


No.1 – BDK Parfums – Tubereuse Imperial

Created by one of the youngest french designers in the perfume industry worldwide, I’ve never heard of this brand before. Founder David Benedek did an incredible job, when I tried I immediately fell in love with the unique scent I’ve never smelled anywhere before. Tubereuse Imperial with top notes of tubereuse and Egyptian geraniumflower, gives such a sensual feeling while not overwhelming yourself. I’ve always opted for light and fresh perfumes but BDK created the perfect combination of light and elegant scent with a hint of French histoire d’amour and quickly became a great name in the market. Available exclusively at Harrods, I can’t emphasise enough on this scent, go and give it a try at the Harrods counter lovelies!


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No.2 – Christian Dior: Souffle De Soie

We all know Maison Christian Dior is one of the leading clothing and perfume makers in the entire world, but how good is the actual scent in comparison to their reputation? I can confirm that Souffle De Soie is one of my favourite scents of all time, and I heard so much love for it from other friends and relatives as well, it might be one of the best sellers. Curated from the top notes of jasmine, rose and tuberose, such a sensual and elegant scent comes out of the beautiful bottle. Oh, I believe we do see a trend here, I am a big fan of both tuberose and jasmine.

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No.3 – Parfums de Marly: Cassili

The most recent addition to my collection and my current muse: Parfums de Marly. A royal brand inspired by the French royalty and each perfume is named after a royal horse. My favourite is Cassili, with top notes of Bulgarian Rose and white flowers, incredible blend of vanilla and wood. Gives a very elegant and royal feeling, while distinguishing you from any other perfume owner in the market. 

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Hope you enjoyed the perfume selection,

Lots of love,