Magical Skincare This Christmas - Nurce Erben

It’s the Jolly Season! 

Who is excited for Christmas? I am so excited, and we already prepared the Christmas tree with all the presents for friends and family under it! Here is a sneak peak of our cute festive tree:


It’s the magical Christmas season – and a lot of parties on the way! It’s super important to try to keep a balanced diet during the season as too much partying can dry the skin and cause breakouts – as an absolute tea lover I always try to drink a lot of green tea and water, while enjoying a lot of feasts and Christmas parties leading up to the end of the year.

Along with keeping hydrated – skincare plays a much more important role than we think, I would say it’s 50% nutrition and hydration, and 50% skincare! As many of you know, it’s no secret that Bioderma is one of my favourite skincare brands that I use on a daily basis since many years, and I would never recommend a product that I don’t use myself and haven’t seen the results througout the years. Espcially my favourite make-up remover and moisturiser in the whole planet! 

Here are some practical tips on my skincare routine for a glowing and healthy skin this Christmas: 

My Everyday Favourite: Sensibio:

To Remove Make-Up and Reduce Dark Circles


Bioderma’s Sensibio collection is my absolute everyday favourite. Here are a few of my favourite products:

I use the Sensibio makeup removing micelle solutionevery single day since many years, to remove my makeup after a long day of work, travel or photoshoots. I tried many brands and eventually found that the ingredients in the Sensibio makeup remover are so clean, it always removes the strongest makeup and leaves a fresh face. I travel a lot for work and press trips as well, and a compact and portable version of my favourite could be alternatively found here: Micelle solution makeup removing wipes.

A product that I use every evening before bed is the Sensibio Eye gel, and I would never leave the house without it when I’m travelling! It’s soothing the dark circles under the eyes on holiday season as we tend to stay up late and party! The Sensibio Eye Gel helps to depuff the eyes and reduce dark circles during this busy month.  


Bioderma Sensibio H2O – Everyday Favourites


Winter Fabourites: Hydrabio

To Remove Make-Up and Nourish the Skin

In winter months, our skin is so much more dry and susceptible to the effects of cold and breakouts. It’s important to use the right products which doesn’t dry out the skin further, but nourishes it in the cold winter months. I like to use the Bioderma Hydrabio H2O make-up remover alternative to the Sensibio, as it’s more hydrating and moisturising. Bioderma is also launching a new favourite product, Hydrabio H2O with the reverse pump in January, can’t wait for the launch which makes the product so practical! 

I also love the Atoderm Shower Gel which is ultra moisturising for the body. I like to mix and match my favourite products from different Bioderma collections in the winter season, to fully moisturise, my face and body. You can find it here: Atoderm Shower Gel


Bioderma Hydrabio H2O and Atoderm – Winter Favourites


Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year darlings, and my Christmas vlog will be up very soon!

Lots of love ,